Comment prononcer minder

  • Synonymes de minder

    • Prononciation de minderwertig minderwertig [de]
    • Prononciation de Schlechter Schlechter [de]
    • Prononciation de niedrig niedrig [de]
    • Prononciation de schwach schwach [de]
    • Prononciation de weniger weniger [de]
    • Prononciation de beschädigt beschädigt [de]
    • Prononciation de billig billig [de]
    • geringer
    • tiefer
    • in geringerem maße

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  • Définition de minder

    • someone (usually in totalitarian countries) who is assigned to watch over foreign visitors
    • a person who looks after babies (usually in the person's own home) while the babys' parents are working
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