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  • dressing exemple dans une phrase

    • Where are the dressing rooms?

      Prononciation de Where are the dressing rooms? Prononcé par juliabee14 (Femme - États-Unis)
    • She loved dressing up the doll that her parents gave her

      Prononciation de She loved dressing up the doll that her parents gave her Prononcé par stlowery (Homme - États-Unis)
  • Définition de dressing

    • savory dressings for salads; basically of two kinds: either the thin French or vinaigrette type or the creamy mayonnaise type
    • a mixture of seasoned ingredients used to stuff meats and vegetables
    • making fertile as by applying fertilizer or manure
  • Synonymes de dressing

    • Prononciation de filling filling [en]
    • Prononciation de stuffing stuffing [en]
    • Prononciation de clothing clothing [en]
    • Prononciation de Decking Decking [en]
    • Prononciation de adorning adorning [en]
    • Prononciation de relish relish [en]
    • Prononciation de gauze gauze [en]
    • Prononciation de compress compress [en]
    • Prononciation de pack pack [en]
    • Prononciation de treatment treatment [en]

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