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EuroBasket 2017

Learn to pronounce the names of basketball players in EuroBasket 2017

Do you believe that you can pronounce the name of Vojtěch Hruban correctly? And Vlatko Čančar or Przemysław Zamojski?

With our fantastic guide you'll discover how to pronounce the names of the basketball palyers in the EuroBasket 2017. Simply click on the play symbol to listen to how native speakers pronounce the names of players from all over the world.

The 40th edition of the Eurobasket will be held this year, which is organised by FIBA Europe, and it attracts a host of international basketball players. Learn how to pronounce their names correctly with our fun and informative guide!

Eurobasket 2017 - Belgium

Learn to pronounce the names of Belgian basketball players in the Eurobasket 2017.