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02/08/2011 hruď [cs] Prononciation de hruď 2 votes Meilleure prononciation
02/08/2011 Olomouc [cs] Prononciation de Olomouc 0 votes
02/08/2011 také [cs] Prononciation de také 0 votes
02/08/2011 Ondra [cs] Prononciation de Ondra 1 votes Meilleure prononciation
02/08/2011 sedm [cs] Prononciation de sedm 1 votes
02/08/2011 tady [cs] Prononciation de tady 0 votes
02/08/2011 Klára [cs] Prononciation de Klára 0 votes
02/08/2011 Mám tě rád [cs] Prononciation de Mám tě rád 0 votes
02/08/2011 Martina Sáblíková [cs] Prononciation de Martina Sáblíková 1 votes Meilleure prononciation
02/08/2011 jíst [cs] Prononciation de jíst 0 votes
02/08/2011 Svorová hora [cs] Prononciation de Svorová hora 0 votes
02/08/2011 Írán [cs] Prononciation de Írán 0 votes
02/08/2011 hoří [cs] Prononciation de hoří 0 votes
02/08/2011 Praha hlavní nádraží [cs] Prononciation de Praha hlavní nádraží 2 votes Meilleure prononciation
02/08/2011 sebevražda [cs] Prononciation de sebevražda 0 votes
02/08/2011 skutek [cs] Prononciation de skutek 0 votes
02/08/2011 skříň [cs] Prononciation de skříň 0 votes
02/08/2011 ukulele [cs] Prononciation de ukulele 0 votes
02/08/2011 Španělska [cs] Prononciation de Španělska 0 votes
02/08/2011 strýc [cs] Prononciation de strýc 0 votes
02/08/2011 Tbilisi [cs] Prononciation de Tbilisi 0 votes
02/08/2011 tlustý [cs] Prononciation de tlustý 0 votes
02/08/2011 trošku [cs] Prononciation de trošku 0 votes
02/08/2011 ukrývání [cs] Prononciation de ukrývání 0 votes
02/08/2011 úkol [cs] Prononciation de úkol 0 votes
02/08/2011 valuta [cs] Prononciation de valuta 0 votes
02/08/2011 vím [cs] Prononciation de vím 0 votes
02/08/2011 vládcova [cs] Prononciation de vládcova 0 votes
02/08/2011 vytoužený [cs] Prononciation de vytoužený 0 votes
01/08/2011 mluvit [cs] Prononciation de mluvit 0 votes
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Infos sur l'utilisateur

Hello: I am a media professional living in Prague, Czech Republic. I work as the dubbing director and I also translate and edit documentary films.

Despite living in the capital, I leave the city mark on my home town Pardubice: my native pronunciation is of the Eastern Bohemia, which is supposedly the standard media accent (also many known media speakers came from the region).

I am involved with language on different levels; I even worked on a research project with the language corpus at Charles University. You might be also interested in learning Czech with a small non-profit project I collaborate with:

I speak English well. I have an interest in Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Latin and German. Except for Hungarian, I have studied all of them at a basic level and would like to improve.

I became an editor at Forvo in 2011 and would like to thank all of you for your interest and collaboration.

Sexe: Homme

Accent/pays: République Tchèque

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