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25/07/2009 Therapist [en] Prononciation de Therapist 0 votes
25/07/2009 Hello [en] Prononciation de Hello -2 votes
25/07/2009 gorgeous [en] Prononciation de gorgeous -1 votes
25/07/2009 motivated [en] Prononciation de motivated -1 votes
25/07/2009 convenience [en] Prononciation de convenience -1 votes
25/07/2009 Jericho [en] Prononciation de Jericho 0 votes
25/07/2009 mongoose [en] Prononciation de mongoose 0 votes
25/07/2009 Cajun [en] Prononciation de Cajun 0 votes
25/07/2009 shrubbery [en] Prononciation de shrubbery 0 votes

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I was born in the U.K., but have lived in Japan for the last 18 years. I possibly have a slight "Kansai-ben" Japanese accent, as I also speak Japanese. I'm a language educator. I try to add a little emotion in to my readings.

Sexe: Homme

Accent/pays: Japon

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