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25/03/2015 innovative [en] Prononciation de innovative 0 votes
25/03/2015 would [en] Prononciation de would 0 votes
25/03/2015 unread [en] Prononciation de unread 0 votes
24/03/2015 else [en] Prononciation de else 0 votes
23/03/2015 inclusive [en] Prononciation de inclusive 0 votes
23/03/2015 exclusive [en] Prononciation de exclusive 0 votes
23/03/2015 prosthetic [en] Prononciation de prosthetic 0 votes
23/03/2015 polydactyl [en] Prononciation de polydactyl 0 votes
23/03/2015 hypocritically [en] Prononciation de hypocritically 0 votes
23/03/2015 hypocritical [en] Prononciation de hypocritical 0 votes
23/03/2015 carbohydrate [en] Prononciation de carbohydrate 0 votes
23/03/2015 intensify [en] Prononciation de intensify 0 votes
23/03/2015 melancholic [en] Prononciation de melancholic 0 votes
23/03/2015 hypothetically [en] Prononciation de hypothetically 0 votes
23/03/2015 hypothetical [en] Prononciation de hypothetical 0 votes
23/03/2015 aquarium [en] Prononciation de aquarium 0 votes
23/03/2015 sponsor [en] Prononciation de sponsor 0 votes
23/03/2015 sponsorship [en] Prononciation de sponsorship 0 votes
23/03/2015 formerly [en] Prononciation de formerly 0 votes
23/03/2015 acceptance [en] Prononciation de acceptance 0 votes
23/03/2015 obstinate [en] Prononciation de obstinate 0 votes
23/03/2015 Nah [en] Prononciation de Nah 0 votes
23/03/2015 homotoxicology [en] Prononciation de homotoxicology 0 votes
23/03/2015 neighborhood [en] Prononciation de neighborhood 0 votes
12/07/2014 house [en] Prononciation de house 0 votes
25/12/2012 clinical [en] Prononciation de clinical 3 votes Meilleure prononciation
25/12/2012 chick [en] Prononciation de chick 2 votes
25/12/2012 veterinarian [en] Prononciation de veterinarian 2 votes
25/12/2012 learn [en] Prononciation de learn 4 votes
25/12/2012 bizarre [en] Prononciation de bizarre 2 votes
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I am 34 years old. I was born and raised in California, USA. I have been living in Connecticut, USA for 14 years now. I live with my husband and cats. I speak English and Spanish.

So I guess my accent is a mix of Californian and New England, but I think sounds like a "generic" US accent for the most part.

I enjoyed contributing and helping on Forvo a lot in the past, and I would like to try to get back into it. If you would like any language help, shoot me a message, and I'll see what I can do for you!

Sexe: Femme

Accent/pays: États-Unis

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