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Date Mot Prononciation Info
22/11/2014 Chivenor [en] Prononciation de Chivenor 0 votes
26/08/2010 protestor [en] Prononciation de protestor 0 votes
26/08/2010 protester [en] Prononciation de protester 1 votes Meilleure prononciation
07/08/2010 methotrexate [en] Prononciation de methotrexate 2 votes Meilleure prononciation
07/08/2010 neutropoietin [en] Prononciation de neutropoietin 1 votes Meilleure prononciation
07/08/2010 complementarity [en] Prononciation de complementarity 0 votes
07/08/2010 serotherapy [en] Prononciation de serotherapy 0 votes
19/05/2010 twelfths [en] Prononciation de twelfths 0 votes
19/05/2010 semiconductor [en] Prononciation de semiconductor 0 votes

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You hear a lot of people with voices like mine in London and the south of England.

Sexe: Homme

Accent/pays: Royaume-Uni

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