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Date Mot Écouter Votes
02/08/2014 Bujold [fr] Prononciation de Bujold 0 votes
02/08/2014 l'ACS (l'Aide Complémentaire Santé) [fr] Prononciation de l'ACS (l'Aide Complémentaire Santé) 0 votes
02/08/2014 Geneviève Bujold [fr] Prononciation de Geneviève Bujold 1 votes
31/07/2014 Voleurs de Chevaux [fr] Prononciation de Voleurs de Chevaux 0 votes
27/07/2014 maître d'hôtel [fr] Prononciation de maître d'hôtel 0 votes
11/07/2014 Lecerf [fr] Prononciation de Lecerf 0 votes
05/07/2014 Mildred [fr] Prononciation de Mildred 0 votes
05/07/2014 Briou [fr] Prononciation de Briou 0 votes
05/07/2014 Marcel Danesi [fr] Prononciation de Marcel Danesi 0 votes
05/07/2014 Achour [fr] Prononciation de Achour 0 votes
05/07/2014 d'Alluye [fr] Prononciation de d'Alluye 0 votes
05/07/2014 Castelmoron [fr] Prononciation de Castelmoron 0 votes
05/07/2014 Lantine [fr] Prononciation de Lantine 0 votes
05/07/2014 certaines gens [fr] Prononciation de certaines gens 0 votes
05/07/2014 Beaumont-la-Ferrière [fr] Prononciation de Beaumont-la-Ferrière 0 votes
05/07/2014 Beaumont-la-Ronce [fr] Prononciation de Beaumont-la-Ronce 0 votes
05/07/2014 Beaumont-le-Roger [fr] Prononciation de Beaumont-le-Roger 0 votes
05/07/2014 Beaumont-les-Autels [fr] Prononciation de Beaumont-les-Autels 0 votes
05/07/2014 Beaumont-les-Nonains [fr] Prononciation de Beaumont-les-Nonains 0 votes
05/07/2014 Barriallots [fr] Prononciation de Barriallots 0 votes
05/07/2014 Morangiès [fr] Prononciation de Morangiès 0 votes
05/07/2014 Viçose [fr] Prononciation de Viçose 0 votes
05/07/2014 Hazéra [fr] Prononciation de Hazéra 0 votes
05/07/2014 Coutale [fr] Prononciation de Coutale 0 votes
05/07/2014 Mialanette [fr] Prononciation de Mialanette 0 votes
05/07/2014 Lessines [fr] Prononciation de Lessines 0 votes
05/07/2014 Velux [fr] Prononciation de Velux 0 votes
05/07/2014 Hélène Fourment [fr] Prononciation de Hélène Fourment 0 votes
05/07/2014 Claude-Albert Mbouronot [fr] Prononciation de Claude-Albert Mbouronot 0 votes
05/07/2014 Alain Roger [fr] Prononciation de Alain Roger 0 votes

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Hi everybody,
I'm French and live near Paris.
I've always been interested in foreign languages, so I've been studying English, Spanish, Portuguese, but also some Chinese, Romanian, and a couple of words of some other languages too...
I think being open to other cultures and languages is a key element for world peace, as they're all part of our common wealth as humans on this planet.

If you wish to improve your French, just pay a visit at the website Bernard12 and myself share by just typing "Froggyspeak" on your browser search bar or have a look at our "Froggyspeak" Facebook page!

Sexe: Homme

Accent/pays: France

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