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14/04/2014 pro-russes [fr] Prononciation de pro-russes 0 votes
14/04/2014 provoquent [fr] Prononciation de provoquent 0 votes
14/04/2014 Instagram [fr] Prononciation de Instagram 0 votes
14/04/2014 Badinières [fr] Prononciation de Badinières 0 votes
14/04/2014 Badménil-aux-Bois [fr] Prononciation de Badménil-aux-Bois 0 votes
14/04/2014 Badonvilliers-Gérauvilliers [fr] Prononciation de Badonvilliers-Gérauvilliers 0 votes
14/04/2014 Badonviller [fr] Prononciation de Badonviller 0 votes
14/04/2014 Baffie [fr] Prononciation de Baffie 0 votes
14/04/2014 renversée [fr] Prononciation de renversée 0 votes
14/04/2014 percuté [fr] Prononciation de percuté 0 votes
14/04/2014 d'évasion [fr] Prononciation de d'évasion 0 votes
14/04/2014 Cordouan [fr] Prononciation de Cordouan 0 votes
14/04/2014 nourrissez [fr] Prononciation de nourrissez 0 votes
14/04/2014 Cargèse [fr] Prononciation de Cargèse 0 votes
14/04/2014 Thierry Beccaro [fr] Prononciation de Thierry Beccaro 0 votes
14/04/2014 William Leymergie [fr] Prononciation de William Leymergie 0 votes
14/04/2014 Laura Tenoudji [fr] Prononciation de Laura Tenoudji 0 votes
14/04/2014 Julien Lepers [fr] Prononciation de Julien Lepers 0 votes
13/04/2014 Riencourt-lès-Cagnicourt [fr] Prononciation de Riencourt-lès-Cagnicourt 0 votes
13/04/2014 Jieldé [fr] Prononciation de Jieldé 0 votes
13/04/2014 Julian Alaphilippe [fr] Prononciation de Julian Alaphilippe 0 votes
13/04/2014 Awala-Yalimapo [fr] Prononciation de Awala-Yalimapo 0 votes
13/04/2014 Ferragui [fr] Prononciation de Ferragui 0 votes
13/04/2014 Lazarou [fr] Prononciation de Lazarou 0 votes
13/04/2014 Delignon [fr] Prononciation de Delignon 0 votes
13/04/2014 Arsène de Noüe [fr] Prononciation de Arsène de Noüe 0 votes
13/04/2014 Deran [fr] Prononciation de Deran 0 votes
13/04/2014 Suzanne Allen [fr] Prononciation de Suzanne Allen 0 votes
13/04/2014 Baudry-Dutour [fr] Prononciation de Baudry-Dutour 0 votes
13/04/2014 Henri Smadja [fr] Prononciation de Henri Smadja 0 votes

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Hi everybody,
I'm French and live near Paris.
I've always been interested in foreign languages, so I've been studying English, Spanish, Portuguese, but also some Chinese, Romanian, and a couple of words of some other languages too...
I think being open to other cultures and languages is a key element for world peace, as they're all part of our common wealth as humans on this planet.
If you wish to improve your French, just have a look at the web site Bernard12 and myself share or at the Froggyspeak Facebook page !

Sexe: Homme

Accent/pays: France

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