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13/08/2012 Zeughauswärter [de] Prononciation de Zeughauswärter votes
13/08/2012 Weißmetall [de] Prononciation de Weißmetall votes
13/08/2012 Sittenlehre [de] Prononciation de Sittenlehre votes
13/08/2012 Schneewehe [de] Prononciation de Schneewehe votes
13/08/2012 Unterhaltungsteilnehmer [de] Prononciation de Unterhaltungsteilnehmer votes
13/08/2012 unisono [de] Prononciation de unisono votes
13/08/2012 Steuerwelle [de] Prononciation de Steuerwelle votes
13/08/2012 Betriebswissenschaften [de] Prononciation de Betriebswissenschaften votes
13/08/2012 Volksgenosse [de] Prononciation de Volksgenosse votes
13/08/2012 Weltmaßstab [de] Prononciation de Weltmaßstab votes
13/08/2012 Spannstrick [de] Prononciation de Spannstrick votes
13/08/2012 Religionswissenschaften [de] Prononciation de Religionswissenschaften votes
13/08/2012 Rechtswissenschaften [de] Prononciation de Rechtswissenschaften votes
13/08/2012 Totschläger [de] Prononciation de Totschläger votes
13/08/2012 Schälchen [de] Prononciation de Schälchen votes
13/08/2012 Sockenhalter [de] Prononciation de Sockenhalter votes
13/08/2012 Zauntür [de] Prononciation de Zauntür votes
13/08/2012 Seifenhändler [de] Prononciation de Seifenhändler votes
13/08/2012 Sozialwissenschaften [de] Prononciation de Sozialwissenschaften votes
13/08/2012 Verhärtung [de] Prononciation de Verhärtung votes
13/08/2012 Sedimentationsprodukt [de] Prononciation de Sedimentationsprodukt votes
13/08/2012 Unterjacke [de] Prononciation de Unterjacke votes
13/08/2012 Schuhart [de] Prononciation de Schuhart votes
13/08/2012 Wasserwelle [de] Prononciation de Wasserwelle votes
13/08/2012 Stoffmuster [de] Prononciation de Stoffmuster votes
13/08/2012 Wiesengebiet [de] Prononciation de Wiesengebiet votes
13/08/2012 Vereinheitlichung [de] Prononciation de Vereinheitlichung votes
13/08/2012 Tyrannin [de] Prononciation de Tyrannin votes
13/08/2012 Sauberkeitsapostel [de] Prononciation de Sauberkeitsapostel votes
13/08/2012 Schwede [de] Prononciation de Schwede votes
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Hi, I'm German and live in Berlin. My accent is standard German.
I started here to join the great idea of an online lingual database.
Unfortunately it seems as if forvo has German-speaking editors who don't act with forvo-requested kindness. Instead of sending answers, questions are replied with ridiculous arbitrary punitive word-deleting-actions.
Forvo should think about its editor-policy and stop this abuse of power.
I'm wondering whether this comment will be followed by another punitive action.

Sexe: Homme

Accent/pays: Allemagne

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